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"ما نفعله ليس بحلم أو تنظير أنظر حولك فالتّغيير أصبح واقعنا فتبيّن، ما نفعله أنا ندعو لغد أفضل أن لا نتشائم بل نعمل، إنّك في الأمرين مخير"


الموظفين الجدد

Congrats to our graduates on landing their first job!

Life story


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Mohamad Jabarin

Software Engineer, LiveU

My name is Muhammad Jabarin, and I live in Umm Al-Faham. My dad is a carpenter, and my mom is a teacher. I went to school in Umm Al-Faham, where I fell in love with math and tech, especially computer science. I got into coding during my first computer science class and would spend my free time doing coding problems at home.

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Mais Abu Ahmed

DevOps Engineer, RadCom

My name is Mais Abu Ahmed and I come from Majdal Shams. My parents are the owners of a bakery in our village, and I have three siblings, all of whom are educated. As a student, I excelled in school and developed a strong interest in computer science during high school, which led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in the same field at the University of Haifa.

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Muhammad Galia

Software Developer at Dataloop

I am Muhammad Galia from sakhnin, a former student of the private school ״Albasheir״ I was recognized as a good student and was accepted into the prestigious “Etgar” program for outstanding students, which granted me the opportunity to pursue a bachelor׳s degree in computer science at the University of Haifa during my 10th grade.

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See what our graduates have to say about their life-changing experience with our DevOps training program.

I think that Fursa’s bootcamp offers more than just technical skills and career preparation. It fosters a sense of community and family among its participants. The bootcamp is designed to provide a supportive environment where students can learn and grow together. Through the Fursa bootcamp participants can build lasting connections with their peers, mentors, and the wider community. It offers opportunities for networking, social events, and community service projects

Ibraheem Sarsour,
Software Developer at Dataloop AI

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